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About NetcroHosting C.A, ´

NetcroHosting is the Cloud services brand of NetcroHosting C.A. In the Venezuela market. It has been created to provide a complete range of cloud services to meet the needs of companies, regardless of their project. Develop a virtual infrastructure, archive and share data, predispose to the operation of disaster recovery, outsource backups or even develop a SaaS offer from the software itself, our products are a blank page where our customers can make your ideas. NetcroHosting Cloud's commitment is based on 2 main factors:

    Infrastructure and data where your customers are located.

  • The group is developing a strong European network with a data center in Venezuela and the US, Miami Florida, completed with a network of data centers in the Netherlands.
  • A free approach to the world of cloud computing

  • Our solutions allow our clients to choose which virtualization technology to use, where to install their virtual servers and what to install on them. All this through a simple control panel and public APIs. .

Specializing in business virtualization technologies and the provision of accessible Internet services for individuals and professionals, companies, associations and public entities ..

NetcroHosting is able to offer its clients innovative products and services designed to complement their business independently and individually.