Remote IP Protection GRE Tunnel DDoS Protected.

  • Reliability
  • 99.9% Availability guarantee
  • Protected DDoS

Our network team in all locations is backed by an enterprise-level DDoS protection team to ensure that your services remain online even in the event of an attack. All products are protected at no additional charge, but the protection capacity may vary depending on the product you ordered. Our dedicated private cloud offers the best protection with the full mitigation capacity of 500 Gbit.

You also have the possibility of requesting an IP address protected with DDoS to redirect services outside our network by configuring a GRE tunnel. Please, get in touch with our sales department for more details.

Instant Global Deployment

Depending on the product, you have the option of up to 10 locations around the world to implement your services. Our low latency network has a dedicated primary capacity of 100 Gbit and the ability to exploit up to 800 Gbit through our link partners.

Localized look

Our network engineers are continuously optimizing routing to ensure low latency and high bandwidth performance at all data center locations. Customers also have the option to request a custom routing.

Protected Attack Types

TCP/UDP Floods


NTP/DNS Amplification



Chargen's answers

SNMP Answers

Invalid port numbers

Connection tenure


Spoofed SYN

Service Level Agreement

All products come with an SLA and the resulting availability guarantee as defined in the product description. The percentage defines an approximate effective availability provided by the given product platform to inform each client of the reliability expected of the service in question. The credit of the account will be issued as a percentage of the price per hour of the product affected by the interruption of the service.

Availability / Time out of service / Amount of credit
100% 2.50% / Hour
99.99% 1 Hours / Year 1.25% / Hour
99.95% 4 Hours / Year 0.75% / Hour
99.90% 8 Hours / Year 0.25% / Hour

Our availability guarantee is provided in the best possible way. Customers will receive credit in the account if the availability of the service falls below the given guarantee.

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